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Everyone is capable of opening a shop. But opening a “bottega” is very different, because a “bottega”, as Gianni Rodari wrote, you must also sell hope. The hope that a small village will come back to life, the hope that we can return to being conscious consumers, respectful of the land and the territory. You can’t be alone to do achieve such a great thing, you need those like-minded individuals. Those who breed their livestock ethically, who dare to “get their hands dirty”, who respect the seasons and build surrounding beauty. Those, in short, who, like us, put their heart and soul into it.


For this reason, at Lino’s Bottega you will find: Bread ??? Gourmet selection of cheeses (Boscasso) Organic vegetables from both Giulia di Cascina Colombara (Golferenzo) and the Social Gardens (Voghera) Flour from Bruciamonti Mill (Santa Maria Della Versa) and those of ancient grains of Terre Villane (Voghera) Rice from San Massimo Reserve Preserves from Social Gardens and many other small produces Cascina Pizzavacca’s picked vegetables Mostarda and sauces by the Pavesi Brothers Buffalo mozzarella by Bufalo Boutique Anchovies and tuna from Menaica Bottarga from Orbetello’s fishermen’s cooperative Various vinegars from Borgo del Balsamico Fresh milk and yoghurt from Pievetta Farm EVO oil from Finigeto Sara’s saffron (Rovescala) Micro brewery beers from Doppio Baffo (Chignolo) Cured meats (Grossetti) Castelmagno cheese from the open pastures of La Meiro farms Provole delle Madonie cheese from Barreca Farms Pecorino di Carmasciano cheese by Giuseppe Flammia Parmigiano Reggiano cheese from delle Vacche Rosse farms Chickpeas from Cicerale The wines of excellence from the cellars of Oltrepo’ Gastronomy prepared by Corte del Lupo. And then the masterpieces of Archie (???) , the lavender of Lidia from Pizzofreddo, beauty products from Alessandra of Fortunago, handmade soaps from Maurizia, honey from Fiordenzo… and many other small treats that make for the difference.

Because, after all, and always, the secret ingredient is love.

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Menaica Anchovies

At Lino’s Bottega you can find Menaica anchovies, the world’s best. Great from a culinary point of view, but foremostly because they are fished in an environmentally friendly way. The ritual of fishing for menaiche anchovies, practiced by only by a small fleet of fisherman from the Marina di Pisciotta, dates back to the classical era and has remained unchanged throughout the centuries. At night, with only the light of the moon and the stars, when the sea is very calm, the fishermen go out in their atypical italian fishing boat to throw their handcrafted nets into the sea, commonly referred to a “menaiche”, whose particular shape means that only the largest anchovies are caught. The fishermen pull the net to the surface by hand and begin to extract the fish one by one. The anchovies are immediately processed, first by washing them in brine, and then placing them in a traditional terracotta jar, alternating with layers of Trapani’s special sea salt. The seasoning takes place in the so-called “magazzini” or humid storehouses, lasting three months. Like all Slow Food practices, Menaiche anchovies are not just food, but they are very much a story within a story which speaks of love, effort, sustainability and respect for tradition.

Provole delle Madonie

Today the Provole delle Madonie have arrived. Mrs. Alda from Geraci Siculo sent them to us. We do not even know where exactly Geraci Siculo is, but we like to imagine that Mrs. Alda, from her window enjoys a beautiful view of Mt. Etna, down at the bottom, at the bottom, after the pastures and woods. For now only the fresh provola has arrived, because if you want it smoked they have to light the fire and make us burn the laurel branches and straw and wait. And if you want it seasoned they put some of the fresh ones in a cave and then leave it there 60 days, which takes patience for good things. Now back to us, Mrs. Alda and her sisters raise brown cows that according to tradition is the key ingredient to Provole. From the middle of the Nebrodi mountains in Sicily, they send them to us, to make up their little shop in Golferenzo. To us this seemed more poetic than a verse by Dante. It also reminded us how beautiful it is to live in a country like Italy, because there are women like Alda who show us that another way of thinking about food as well as breeding is possible. Because they too are dreamers like us, who have reopened their shops to share with you such wonderfully fascinating stories.

Ceci di Cicerale

La storia dei Ceci di Cicerale é proprio una di quelle che meritano di essere raccontate. Non é un cibo “di moda’, ma in un passato neanche troppo lontano, quando tornavi distrutto dopo una giornata nei campi, sul tavolo ad aspettarti trovavi solo una ” zuppatiella di cece”, le proteine dei poveri. Ci sono campate intere famiglie a pane e ceci. A Cicerale, nel Cilento, questi legumi erano così importanti che persino il nome del paese deriva da loro. Ora sono rimasti solo in cinque ad occuparsi dei Ceci sulle colline di Cicerale. Perché sono piccoli, rugosi, il mercato non li vuole i legumi piccini, meglio quelli grossi, perfettamente tondi e senza sapore. Magari OGM, non importa. E la raccolta a fine luglio ti ammazza. Fa un caldo torrido d’estate e bisogna raccogliere a mano, stendere le piantine sui sacchi di iuta e batterle con dei grossi bastoni di legno. Non si può mica usare la trebbiatrice se non sei in pianura. A noi é sembrato un privilegio poterli vendere. E siccome Claudio,che li coltiva, ha nella voce tutta la gentilezza e il calore della gente del sud, gli abbiamo comprato anche i fichi bianchi secchi al cioccolato e le anarene sciroppate. Insomma dovete proprio venire in Bottega ad assaggiare tutto uno di questi giorni.