La Bottega del Lino


Come with us to discover the Bottega. Breathe the shop’s atmosphere in this virtual tour that is also an emotional experience.




A single room.

We purpusely wanted a small shop, because you don’t need a lot of space for a chest of treasures.

We left the antique beams in place and refurnished with the same old furniture that belonged to those who once lived here.

The counter is covered with old wooden boards to recall as much as possible what a real village shop should be like.

The shop is complemented with incredible detail as well as showcasing those special products that are brought to you through our every day research.



Golferenzo is a village different from all others within the Oltrepò region. Could it be because of its unmistakable church bell tower that dominates the valley of Versa seen from afar while still driving on the flatlands, and the hillside is only a premonition of what is to come. For the stone houses of this ancient village, so beautiful that no one dared to change them, even in the years when “renovate” rhymed with “ruin”.

And so you find yourself walking in a timeless place, where you expect to meet at any moment Wulfarius, the gentlemen of the Longobards feuds, or a monk sent by St. Colombani in person to recite mass.

It will be for his cats dozing indifferently on the old walls. Or for its charm of middle ground, still Lombardy but almost Emilia, which creates a sense of pride belonging to its people, and if you ask a local if they are from Pavia or Piacenza they would dryly reply, “I’m from Gulfrens”.

It may be for these as well as a thousand other reasons but Golferenzo is really a unique place and nothing we do could have existed if we had not been bewitched by its immense beauty.